1. How do I receive and send messages?


You will receive and send messages via Messenger instant messaging app. Once you have booked your game, please initiate a conversation with us at m.me/thecitystrider where you will receive further instructions. For more information on what you can send, check out the Player's Manual.

2. How do I download Messenger?

You can download the Messenger App from Google Play or Apple App Store. You can use Messenger even if you don't have a Facebook account - all you need is your cellphone number to sign up. 

3. I don't want to use Messenger, can I still play?

For some of our games, you may chose to receive and send messages via SMS. Please email bookings@thecitystrider.com before booking your game to check if this option is available. However, it is highly recommended that you use Messenger for our city adventure games. Not only is the message delivery instantaneous, we are able to deliver a significantly wider variety of clues such as images, short audio and video clips, and gifs.

4. How long should I wait for a reply to my answers?

If you have chosen to receive your clues on Messenger, you will receive replies instantly.


For players using SMS, you should receive a response within 10 seconds of sending a message. However, some messages are longer and will require you to be patient. If you have waited for over 60 seconds but have not received a response, try replying with 'RESEND'.

5. How much do messages cost to send?

It is free to send and receive messages through Messenger. Just make sure you have 3G/4G connection and sufficient data. 

For players using SMS, you will be charged at your standard rate. The number you will be sending text messages to is a NZ number, so in most cases, these will be free if you have text messages included in your plan. There is no charge to receive text messages.

6. Why is there an age restriction on the games?

Our games may include activities within licensed premises where alcohol is served. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

7. What should I bring?

A fully charged phone to send and receive messages. Also, as the majority of the experience will be outdoors, please dress accordingly and wear comfortable shoes.

8. What if I have trouble understanding English?

The games have been created with medium-level English speakers in mind, with phrases, puns, and cultural references known to most English speakers. If you find some of the language a bit tricky, you can reply with 'LOST' for help on a location clue or 'HINT' for help on an item clue.

9. Is there a commercial relationship between City Strider and the establishments along the way?


No, the establishments have been selected as they contribute to the adventure and experience.

10. Will I be able to play if I don't know the city?


Absolutely - no local knowledge is required, although you may have a slight advantage if you know the area well.

11. Does my City Strider booking include food or drinks at the eateries I visit?

Food and drinks at eateries along the way are not included with your booking. There is an understanding between City Strider and participating locations that City Strider players are not obliged to purchase food and drinks. However, we believe it’s nice to support local businesses where you can and encourage you to do so.

12. Will City Strider be creating games in other cities?


Yes! More city adventure games will be created in other cities across New Zealand. Visit and like our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest information.

13. I'm interested in being involved in testing new games, how do I sign up?


Write us a message in our contact form with the title 'Game Tester', and tell us which city you're in.

14. How can I suggest improvements to the experience?


Head over to our contact form and let us know what we can do better!

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